New Product additions: Signia Insio and Styletto AX.

Adding to their recent new technology platform – Augmented eXperience – Signia brings exciting new models and features to the market. These include the new Styletto AX model, and most impressively, the new Insio Charge & Go AX In-The-Ear models. 

Stylish line.

The Styletto AX is the latest in the stylish line of styletto models. The devices keep their long, sleek body, with additional colour choices and exciting new chargers. With the styletto AX, the standard, portable charger offers 4 days worth of charge on the go. You can use the charger as a regular case and have extra charges if away from a power source. The Styletto AX charger is also QI wireless charging compatible.

Compatible with Android and iPhone.

Styletto AX picks up all the features of the new technology platform, including the dual-processor chip. This allows the hearing aid to analyse the sound it receives and effectively split between speech and background noise. The result is a remarkable improvement in clarity of speech and awareness of one’s environment. The hearing aids are now also compatible with the latest Android phones (as well as iPhones) for direct streaming.

Contact FREE.

Even more exciting however is the release of Signia’s new Insio Charge & Go AX model. These devices are custom made hearing aids designed to fit discreetly and comfortably in your ears. What makes this model so revolutionary however is its rechargeability as the first contact-free custom made hearing aid. The devices are placed in their charger with no need for a contact point, making recharging them even more effortless. They will then offer up to 20 hours of charging time, keeping you going all day long. 

Bluetooth compatible.

The Insio Charge & Go AX also come with the technology platform’s Bluetooth compatibility. This means direct streaming to iPhones and compatible Android models and full control on your phone. It also means access to all the features of the AX technology platform. That’s enhanced speech clarity with the dual processor and microphone directionality at your fingertips. These new devices avoid the hassle of changing small batteries as well as dealing with face masks. 

In-the-ear hearing devices work with specific types of hearing loss, and your audiologist can see if it fits for you. So if this new Insio Charge & Go AX sound great to you, call your Falls of Sound clinic to chat. 3378 5999 for Indooroopilly, 5443 8993 for Maroochydore. We will be able to look at your hearing and confirm if these exciting new devices will work for you!

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