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Important Reasons to Keep Your Ear Canals Dry

It’s summer again and whether you are up north or in the south, you are no doubt feeling the heat right now.


Submerging yourself in the ocean or pool is one the quickest – and most popular – ways to cool down. However, being in a hot, wet environment on a regular basis can affect your hearing.


Your ear canals are dark and warm; they can easily become infected with bacteria or fungi. If you swim – or even shower more often during summer – water can get into your ears. This removes the protective ear wax in your ear enabling bacteria and fungi to grow. Pool, shower or bath water often has contaminants in them such as bacteria and chemicals. Infection of the ear is called ‘otitis externa’- also known as swimmer’s ear. Symptoms of pain, itching, drainage, fullness and air conduction deafness are common with infection. Recovering from swimmer’s ear can take up to six weeks – in some cases longer; which is a long time to be unable to swim or even take a cool shower. Therefore, it is important to avoid water getting into your ears.


To avoid swimmer’s ear, we recommend swimming plugs. These ear plugs help to keep water out of your ears, keeping them dry – and preventing infection. Swimming plugs are available in store and are an inexpensive way to protect your ears. However, readymade plugs do not fit everybody. Custom made swimming plugs – which you can have moulded for you in our clinic – provide better protection. Made from a soft silicon material, they are much more durable than readymade plugs and can last for years.


For more information on swimmers ear or get your own swimmer’s plugs contact us on 07 3378 5999.

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