Living alone

Hearing loss and living alone.

Hearing aids will improve your daily quality of life. There are times though, like when sleeping, showering or just puttering around at home when you might not have your assistive hearing devices. If you are surrounded by others with normal hearing you should be fine. For those who are living alone, there can be challenges. 

A missed fire alarm or weather alert could lead to tragedy or at minimum there is the potential to oversleep because of not hearing your alarm. Luckily, manufacturers understand your special needs and have created devices to help you. Here are a few suggestions to help you cope with living alone with a hearing loss.

Smoke alarms.

Alarm clockEvery home should be equipped with smoke detectors or a fire alarm system of some type. For the hearing impaired there are specialised smoke alarms that incorporate flashing lights that can be placed on nightstands and/or vibrating pads that can be placed under one’s pillow at night.

With these fire alarms you can rest easy knowing you will be awakened if tragedy strikes.


Portable doorbells.

DoorbellMissing a visitor or relatives standing at your door without you knowing they are there. Especially if the visitor is unaware of your hearing loss. There are portable doorbells that will help you overcome this frustration.

Depending on your specific lifestyle there are several options you can choose from. Some models incorporate a flashing light that you can carry around the house with you and an alarm with a high-volume setting. There are also newer devices that will send an alert to your smartphone when someone rings the bell.


Vibrating and flashing alarm clocks.

Bellman alarm clockLiving solo and independent means you are the only one able to wake you up. Like waking up in time to go to work, early walks with friends or the meeting you’ve arranged some time ago you do not want to miss.

Many options are available in alarm clocks. Some incorporate an extra-loud alarm, some a vibrating shaker that rests under your pillow and others flashing strobe lights.

So you see living solo and independent has lots of supporting technologies to make your life just that much easier.

All the above products are available in the Falls of Sound clinics and are not advertised on our website. Some systems can be installed DIY or arranged to be installed by a technician. Contact our team for price and information here

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