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Enjoying home entertainment with hearing loss.

Scenario, you are trying to listen to music or watch TV. The environment around you presents its challenges like background noise and or people telling you to turn it down.

One area that can be most frustrating for people with hearing loss is being able to enjoy their leisure time at home without disturbing those around them. Crank the volume up where you can hear clearly and people will complain it is too loud.

The good news is that with the right accessories you can still enjoy listening to music, radio, podcast or your favourite shows despite background noise. In many cases even better than those with normal hearing.

If you struggle with enjoying entertainment at home because of hearing loss here are a few suggestions to make life easier for yourself and those around you.

Bluetooth hearing aids

The most modern hearing aids, television sets, computers and smartphones have Bluetooth or a similar system where you can have sound feed directly into your hearing aids. This eliminates the need for you to compensate for those around you or use any added equipment since it gives you total control of your listening pleasure.

Wireless TV listening system

Wireless TV listening systems make it possible for you to feed sound from your tele straight to your hearing aids or a set of headphones. Many of them have a range of up to 30 meters making it possible for you to listen to the evening news while you fix dinner or take care of other household chores.

Wireless headset or headphones

Originally developed for the music industry, wireless headphones for the hearing impaired are a wonderful development. They make it possible for you to listen to any device with a headphone jack with customizable sound. Some models even have remote controls and automatically compensate for or cancel out background noise.

Remote controls

No matter which of the above listening devices you may choose a remote control makes life so much easier for those with hearing loss. Instead of having to run back to your TV or entertainment centre to make adjustments just use the remote. Provided you haven’t mislaid it. The remote functions on some of these devices, like the Bluetooth adaptors, will even allow you to answer calls and receive messages without interrupting your listening experience.

Our team is very well informed on most of the items mentioned above and will be very happy to assist you.

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