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Spreading Hearing Awareness through Public Speaking

“Over the past month I have given several presentations on hearing awareness. While public speaking isn’t something that is traditionally the job of an audiologist, I believe spreading awareness about hearing loss is an essential service. Whether in the clinic discussing the importance of preventing and treating hearing loss to a client, or to a venue filled with people, giving back to the community is both rewarding and necessary.”

“As I discuss in my presentations, hearing is the unsung hero of the senses; an invisible sense which people take for granted until it fades. The ear is essential to hearing, however it is the brain that processes it, so treatment requires acclimatisation, effort and education.

There is a stigma around hearing aids and hearing loss due to widespread misinformation surrounding it. This is why there is a need to educate people about the sense that allows us to communicate: hearing.”

Nick Parkyn

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