Travelling With Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids and Travelling, Do’s and Don’ts

When many people first get their hearing aids travelling is the furthest thing from their minds. So when it comes time to hit the road they can have some anxiety. Are there any special preparations they should make? Will there be any restrictions on carrying or using their hearing aids?
Rest easy, travelling with your hearing aid isn’t that big a deal. With a little forethought and armed with the right information you should have no problems taking any trip you may desire.

Pre Planning your trip

As the old saying goes proper planning prevents poor performance. It can also help make your trip go a lot smoother. When booking flights, trains, buses or hotel rooms ask the agents to make note that you are hearing impaired.
This will allow them to make any accommodations needed like not setting you in the emergency exit seat on the airplane which is illegal, as an example. It will also give them a chance to let you know about any special services available such as text notifications. If your hearing aid is rechargeable you may also want to verify that there will be USB connections on your flights. If not, you will want to pack a power pack to make sure you aren’t caught without power.
At this stage, it is a good idea to schedule an appointment at your audiologist to have your hearing aid cleaned and fine tuned. This helps assure you there will be no issues with it while you are away. While you are at it stock up on extra batteries.
It is also a good idea to check and make sure your travel insurance will cover your hearing aid or that your homeowner’s insurance has you covered while on the road.

Packing for your Trip

Pack everything you may need to maintain your hearing aid into your carry-on bags. The unexpected does happen and it is best to have the necessities in hand. You should have:

  • Your case
  • Dryer
  • Power pack or spare batteries
  • Cleaning kit

On your trip

The best place to keep your hearing aids while travelling is in your ears. They will help make sure you don’t miss any vital announcements or information. It is also best to inform the agents at security checkpoints that you are wearing your hearing aids. That way they will not be startled by any anomalies their scanners pick up.
Beyond the above just relax and enjoy your trip. Regardless of where you go in the world all of your hearing aids features including Bluetooth should function just as it does at home.

See you when you get back home.

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