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Falls of Sound: Ten Years of Excellent Service

Falls of Sound is celebrating ten years of serving clients in Queensland. Since our founding, we have educated our clients on hearing aids, noise protection, and relief from conditions such as tinnitus. We are an independent clinic specialising in providing the latest advances in hearing aid technology. Falls of Sound has helped ensure increased quality of life and comfort for the residents of Queensland.   

In September of 2004, Falls of Sound opened a clinic in Indooroopilly Shopping centre. Clients were able to visit the clinic and receive services such as hearing assessments and counselling in noise.  The full-time hearing specialists at the clinic were easily accessible to residents located in and around Brisbane. Home visits were made available to clients who were unable to come into the clinic.

Within 7 years, Falls of Sound had outgrown the Indooroopilly facility. In June of 2011, a second Falls of Sound clinic was opened in Maroochydore.  With the opening of a new clinic, we were able to serve more clients and expand our services to those who were previously out of reach.

Not affiliated with any manufacturers, we have a vast range of hearing aids. And are able to provide you with the hearing solution that will best meet your needs. Our one-on-one counselling sessions ensure that your concerns are understood and addressed.  

In addition to hearing aids, we provide assistive listening devices for clients whose hearing is affected by factors such as the distance from the source of the sound, or excessive background noise. 

Falls of Sound is a private clinic that has the ability to provide invaluable services to eligible pensioners and veterans through our contract with the Australian Government Hearing Services Program. A wide range of services are available through the voucher program. 

For the past ten years, we have appreciated the opportunity to serve the clients of Queensland, and we look forward to continuing to provide excellent service with outstanding results.


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