Effortless listing

Enjoy effortless listening without a worry.

In Australia, one in six people suffer from hearing loss and for many hearing aid wearers. There is a constant fear that their hearing aid battery could die at any moment, often creating a stressful experience.

Now, with the release of the new Cellion Primax rechargeable hearing aid, wearers can enjoy effortless listening throughout their day without a worry.

Why is it important to think about hearing aid batteries you ask? Well, batteries are the most practical solution when it comes to powering any small electronic device. With the constant advances in technology rechargeable batteries have found their way into our daily life for almost every device, including hearing aids. Modern digital hearing aids offer a huge variety of technology, features and benefits that allow for individual hearing solutions. However, the more technology and features that is packed into the hearing aid increases demand on battery life and performance. Making rechargeable hearing aids a more popular and smarter option for consumers.

Falls of Sound is excited to be one of the first suppliers of the new Cellion Primax, the discreet inductive charging lithium-ion hearing aid. Wearers can now get full use of the technology without the worry that their hearing aid batteries will go flat at any time throughout the day. With Cellion Primax you will experience a number of advantages, including:

• Greater comfort and ease of use: No need to change small hearing aid batteries on a regular basis
• Environmentally friendly: Non-rechargeable digital hearing aids will use an average of more than 300 disposable hearing aid batteries. An average of only two lithium-ion rechargeable batteries would be used under the same conditions.1
• Cost effective: the user will never have to purchase fiddley hearing aid batteries again.
• Peace of mind: Delivers up to two days of use on a single charge

These rechargeable hearing aids are now available at any Falls of Sound premium hearing healthcare centre. If you think you have a hearing loss and would like to find out more about how you can benefit from this world first technology, please call 1300 79 68 69 to make a non-obligational appointment.

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