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Can You Claim Hearing Aids On Your Private Heath Insurance?

Are you thinking of purchasing hearing aids towards the end of the year? You may find that certain private health funds offer the option of paying out twice for hearing aids.

However, there is often a clause – they usually only cover one device per ear per year. Therefore, if you were to have one aid fitted this year and a second aid fitted in the new year, you may claim for one in 2016 and a second in 2017.

Some private health insurers do offer rebates for audiology services and hearing aids to those with ‘extras’ cover. Which is usually included with higher levels of cover. However, as each health insurance policy differs, we recommend that you contact your health insurance provider to determine your eligibility for rebates on hearing aids. Additionally, it is important to remember the rebate amount you can claim will depend on your health fund and the type of cover that you have.

A few tips about purchasing and claiming for hearing aids:

  • If you are claiming for a hearing aid repair, make sure that this amount is noted as a repair and not a hearing aid. There is often some confusion within the various private health funds about repairs.
  • Check how many years the device supply cycle is. It could range from 3 to 5 years depending on the health fund.
  • Remember, every cent counts so if you are eligible. Please make yourself aware of what your private health fund offers you on your particular plan regarding hearing aid purchases.
  • Prior to your appointment with us, it is much easier to be aware of what your private health rebate situation is. This enables you to make an informed decision without the financial pressure of having to pay full price for your hearing aids.


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