Cleaning and Caring for a Hearing Aid

Today’s hearing aids not only deliver the clearest crispest sound possible, they also last longer and are built more rugged than ever before. This isn’t to say they never have an issue but in all honesty, the majority of the time that one of today’s hearing aids experiences problems, it is a care and maintenance issue rather than the device itself. To get the best possible service from your hearing aid and extend its useful lifespan, cleaning your hearing aid should become as natural a part of your day as combing your hair.

Hearing Aid Cleaning Don’ts

First a strong word of caution, never use alcohol wipes or other cleaners and disinfectants on your hearing aid. They can quickly degrade the casing materials, cause corrosion of the electrical circuits and greatly shorten the lifespan of your hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Hygiene Dos

For the best possible service from your hearing aid, it is best to clean it every time you remove it from your ear.

Spread a soft cloth, a terry cloth towel works great, on a flat surface to protect your hearing aid from breakage should you drop it.
Wipe your ear moulds/ear shell/dome with a clean soft rag being sure to remove any built up earwax.
Inspect any openings or if your hearing aid is so equipped, your wax filter/screen for any build up that needs to be removed.
Disinfect your hearing aid with an approved product by placing a small amount on a clean cloth and gently wiping.
Allow your hearing aid to thoroughly dry.
Return it to its case for safe keeping or reinsert for further use.
A quality hearing aid will deliver you years of trouble free service, provided you give it proper care. If you have any further question on the care and maintenance of your hearing aid, contact Falls of Sound where we are always happy to hear from you.

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