Celebrations Come in Threes this Year!

Have you ever heard the expression “Everything happens in threes”? Well, we don’t know about everything. But, Come April 1, of this year there are 3 happenings that deserve recognition.



From popular culture, it is ‘April Fool’s Day’ or ‘All Fools day’. A day set aside in many different cultures around the world for playing harmless practical jokes on one’s friends and family. There are differing opinions on how this originated ranging from the writing’s of Chaucer to the adoption of January 1, as New Year’s Day. Regardless, it is a day the thin-skinned and Humourless dread.


Secondly, for those of the Christian Faith, it is ‘Easter’. A day set aside to celebrate Christ’s resurrection from the Grave. Completing his task to bring the hope of salvation to all mankind and deliver the Holy Ghost to all believers. For whosoever shall believeth in him shall not perish but know everlasting life.


It is one of the Holiest of days of the year. With many attending church on that day who refrain the rest of year. Those of a more secular nature, cherish it for its 4 day weekend and many sporting events.


The last celebration coming this April 1st is more of a personal nature for those of us here at ‘Falls of Sound’. April 1st of this year is our 14th Anniversary of serving the people of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.


On the grand scale of internationally celebrated holidays, it may not seem like such a big deal. But, for us and those, we serve it is a monumental event. 14 years of helping those with hearing problems live richer, fuller lives with the gift of better hearing.


It is not often that 3 celebrations all occur on the same day. We hope that you will join us in marking all 3.


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