Trestan McMillan

Trestan’s anniversary, an overview.

A year ago, Falls of Sound Indooroopilly welcomed Trestan McMillan as your new audiologist. Over the last 12 months, he certainly has found his feet – or rather his ears! – in the clinic. By now, most of you will have had the pleasure of having a good laugh with him. But who lies behind this audiologist’s mask – and face shield? When he’s not the clinic’s “Batman”, what does this “Bruce Wayne” get up to?

Trestan first decided audiology would be his passion while studying music at university. Being a part of many youth orchestras over the years, he realised his hearing might one day need attention. And if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, so the rest was simply logical! 

Many challenges awaited Trestan on his audiological journey. He once found himself on an orchestral tour of Germany when he had to sit an audiology examination. Unable to defer the test, he bravely took on the German train system to travel across the country to Munich. His orchestral teammates meanwhile covered for him, telling the conductor that he was feeling unwell. Instead of saying his soloist of the evening was several hundred kilometres away and would hopefully be back on time!

But all is well that ends well! Trestan eventually graduated with his master’s of audiology and began working in remote areas. After some time in Kingaroy and some more on the Gold Coast, he found his way back to Brisbane. And finally landed at Falls of Sound, where he’s quickly been accepted by all of our wonderful patients!

Outside of the clinic, Trestan is a top-notch French Horn player, well-known in the musical circles of the country. He regularly performs with orchestras and as part of musical productions. Brisbane dwellers may have seen him recently playing in “Pirates of Penzance”, sporting a dashing parrot on his shoulder. Or perhaps during last year’s production of “Les Miserables” – which consequently was played on repeat in the Indooroopilly clinic… You may also get to hear him perform at the end of the year in “The Phantom of the Opera”. 

Outside of this, Trestan can be a wonderful nerd, capable of naming all current pokemon if asked nicely! He is also actively working on his fitness and, in particular, getting his handstands down to an art. And let’s not forget his wonderful sense of humour that makes the clinic and its patients laugh all day. Really, his only flaw is that he doesn’t drink tea or coffee, leaving his caffeine-addicted colleagues hanging during coffee runs!

So it’s with great pleasure that we wish Trestan a happy first anniversary at Falls of Sound Indooroopilly. Keep making us all laugh and stay “in tune” with our patients! And we look forward to many more years to come. 

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