The New Phonak Paradise vs Marvel

New technology

There’s a new player on the block, and he sounds simply ‘heavenly’: the Phonak Audéo Paradise. Released mid-August this year, Paradise takes after his older brother – Marvel – and builds on its exciting features to take on our modern, digital world. Marvel offered its wearers a clearer, richer sound than its predecessors. By contrast, Paradise puts the focus on a crisper and more natural sound than ever before. So how does Paradise really differ from Marvel?


Released in October 2018, Marvel was a revolution in Phonak models, providing rechargeable options alongside its regular battery-operated style models. It also featured Bluetooth connectivity for TV and music streaming through its AirStream technology. Bringing digital sounds that much closer to you. With this, Marvel also came with the ‘myPhonak App’, capable of offering a more customised experience to your hearing aids. And a diary to keep track of your hearing journey.


Paradise takes these fantastic assets and builds on them further. It offers up to eight different Bluetooth connections, with the possibility of having two simultaneous connections. This means you can be watching a video on a tablet, answer an incoming phone call, and subsequently resume your video with no disconnecting of devices. All this of course is effective ‘ hands-free’. Marvel introduced the clicking of a button to answer or reject calls. Paradise now offers this simply with a tap on the ear. Motion sensors identify your hand gently tapping your ear and allow this to react to your phone, streaming device, or even activate voice assist – like Siri, Cortana or Google.

The App

The use of the ‘myPhonak App’ is also strongly enhanced with Paradise, offering the chance to customise many of your hearing aid settings as you go. Paradise offers an amazing personalised noise-cancelling function, allowing you to adjust the level of noise cancellation in-real-time. Restaurant a bit too noisy? Crank up that noise cancelling! Out in the park and want to hear the birds chirping and the bees buzzing? A couple of in-app tweaks and you can take advantage of that enhanced natural sound. And with an in-built speech enhancer, your conversations will become even clearer in all situations. The world is your oyster! Furthermore, Paradise brings in new app functionality: enhanced hearing diaries, video calls to your clinician, and even the possibility of doing an audiogram directly through your hearing aids.

Power and convenience

Phonak Paradise

Marvel also came with a few features that were just too good to be replaced, and Paradise offers these to its consumers as well. The new devices come either in battery-operated or rechargeable format once again. Those recharges will last about a day, using a full Phonak charger case – equipped with drying kit capabilities – or a sleek and chic mini charger case to comfortably fit in a bag or purse. Paradise offers 7 different colours for you to choose from, only 2 fewer than Marvel did – farewell to ‘Sandalwood’ and ‘Alpine White’! And like its predecessor, Paradise can be linked to the ‘Roger’ microphone, to further assist in situations where your devices need that extra bit of boost.

So there you have it, less than two years later, Phonak have one-upped their “Love at First Sound” Marvel with the new natural Paradise sound.  is excited for the opportunity to offer these new Paradise hearing aids to its customers. If you are thinking about getting new devices fitted and like the sound of the new Phonak Audéo Paradise, step into your local Falls of Sound clinic for a demo or a fitting.

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