Sonic Innovations was a small US based hearing aid company known primarily for their noise reduction algorithms and feedback management systems until they were bought out by William Demant Holdings in November 2010. Demant Holdings also owns Oticon and Bernafon.

By joining R&D forces with its sister companies, Sonic Innovations has been able to bring its superior programming abilities to market in a very wide range of styles with many levels of technology available using the hardware now at its disposal.

Still considered a small company within the industry, Sonic Innovations is now set to make big moves and is working very hard to make a name for itself internationally.



The latest addition to the Sonic family. Has adaptive, flexible and automatic technology.
Available in Levels 1 and 5



A Hearing aid to celebrate, it is packed with benefits where it focuses on conversations and let’s you forget about hearing aid hassles.
Available in Levels 4 to 5



Cheer has a platform that preserves the soft and loud sounds that differentiates words and enhances speech clarity.
Available in Levels 1 to 3

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