Signia Hearing Aids

SIGNIA, by Siemens Hearing Instruments.

Over the last two years Siemens Hearing Instruments has gone through some major changes. After a successful sale of Siemens Audiology Solutions in January 2015 to the private equity investment firm called SIVANTOS. Not to worry, Siemens is and remains a large part of the new company and will keep its high quality standard for years to come. Getting used to the new name may take some time for most of us.
This brings me to the following point. SIVANTOS, the new Siemens Audiology Solutions, has a new product called SIGNIA

Signia will be the new product brand which will be build beside the Siemens brand over the coming years. On one hand they will continue to benefit from consumers confidence in the name Siemens and the other hand they are able to connect to a broader audience.

Signia product-launch is in June 2016 and we are offering pre trials!!
If you book your trial before 15 June we will not only reserve your hearing aids, we’ll also supply your one year of hearing aid batteries at no charge. Valued at $130 that is a fantastic saving!! As per usual conditions apply.

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