Signia Active

Signia Active, the new hearing aid that looks like a wireless earbud.

Despite being a tremendous help – like glasses and eyesight – in the past hearing aids often received a less favourable outcome. Many associate devices with getting old, and will often refuse to help their hearing because of this stigma. The good news is that Signia has decided to tackle this issue and offer a new, stylish solution: Signia Active. Signia Active hearing aids look just like wireless earbuds – one of the latest trends – and therefore are completely incognito. 

Outside the box.

Thinking outside the box, however, the team at Falls of Sound has found even more applications for this latest addition. While the primary appeal of these trendy devices is the look, they also offer a solution for dexterity issues. The devices can be held easily and slide effortlessly in and out of the ear canal. They are also fully rechargeable and therefore do not require regular battery changes  – more on that later. So they look stylish, and they are easy to wear, but what about the features?

Two levels.

Signia Active hearing aids come in two levels – Essential and Pro. They both use the latest Signia technology platform – Xperience – and come with the added benefits. This means enhanced speech, brilliant sound clarity and automatic situation detection. In short, the hearing devices understand what environment you are in and adapt to give you clearer sound. 

Bluetooth connection.

These nifty little devices are also fully Bluetooth enabled and connect to your phone. Through the Signia app, you can adjust volume, programming and microphone direction manually. Furthermore, as with regular earbuds, music can stream to the hearing aids in HD, as well as phone calls. iPhone users can stream directly and Android users need a Streamline Mic to link the direct stream. And these hearing aids are fully compatible with all Signia accessories including TV streamers or mini pocket remotes. 

Super battery life!

Perhaps the most exciting feature of these new hearing aids however is their battery. For the first time in the hearing aid world, Signia Active is a fully rechargeable in-the-ear device. A full charge offers up to 26 hours of battery life or 23 hours with streaming. The charger is transportable and can hold up to 3 full charges on the go. Furthermore, the charger accepts both USB-C charging and, for those particularly high-tech, QI wireless charging. So you not only no longer have to swap small batteries, you don’t even have to plug in a cable! 

So whether you’re feeling young and hip, or more mature wanting easier devices, Signia Active is a great new opportunity! If it sounds like something you or a loved one may want to explore, give us a call. Signia Active is available now and comes in 3 colours. So book your appointment now to try the latest trend – 3378 5999 for Indooroopilly and 5443 8993 for Maroochydore. 

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