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It is not everyday that a new product comes out so exciting that we just have to spread the word. But, last month it has happened. The Signia NX with the world’s first Own Voice Processing (OVP™) is now available in Australia.


Many times, when first wearing a hearing aid people have trouble recognizing their own voice. The sensation is similar to listening to a recording of yourself. OVP™ allows you to hear your own voice in a much more natural way. This greatly aids in first fitting acceptance and makes conversations feel much more natural.


That is just part of what the NX series brings to you though. All three models in the NX line:


  • Pure 312 NX- The worlds smallest fully equipped, direct streaming hearing aid
  • Pure 13 Nx- Offering advanced connectivity and longer streaming times
  • Motion 13 Nx- Offering the versatile fit in a streaming hearing aid
  • come with a host of features to make your hearing experience the best it can be.


The NX line also has ‘Ultra HD e2e’ which powers a binaural beam-forming technology. Meaning you hear through both ears as nature intended. A hearing aid that know when you talk so it won’t amplify your voice however will focus on voices surrounding you! It is like 3D glasses for your ears.


This provides you with clearer speech recognition and a more natural impression of your environment. Even in noisy environments, you will still hear more clearly and be able to determine sound sources. A hearing aid that knows when you are moving, Voice recognition will focus on people next to you or behind you!!


The entire series also offers unsurpassed connectivity. They have ‘Bluetooth’, of course; allowing you to interact with your phone, computer and other devices through your hearing aid.

The NX line goes way beyond these simple applications though. ‘Ultra HD e2e’ combined with your hearing aids ‘Bluetooth’ capabilities make virtual visits and remote adjustments to be made. You could think of this as having virtual home visits from your audiologist without having to pay for a house call.


This new family of hearing aids offers so many ways to improve your hearing experience there is no way to cover them all here. But, if you want to experience the best hearing you can have short of what you were born with, Contact Falls of Sound Hearing Solutions, today.


This is the biggest news we have had in some time and we hope you are as excited by it as we are. Our fully certified and experienced audiology team stands ready to answer any questions you may have.



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