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iPhone Vs Hearing Aids.

As an Independent hearing aid provider, we hear lots of people questioning the price. Some are comparing hearing aids with the legendary iPhone. Comparing price is what most individuals discuss. However, the technological advances of iPhones in contrast with hearing aids are another. An iPhone investment is a fraction of a hearing aid and has different capabilities. However, when we unpack this thinking we find much more to this discussion.

Apples with apples.

Comparing apples with apples would be better. Hearing aids and phones are two very different products. For instance, planes and cars are both transport vehicles, but to fly a plane, you need to go to a university to study firsthand while also having to pass exams. On the other hand, to drive a car, you must pass your driver’s licence test and off you go.

Most practitioners must go to a university and complete an extensive training program to become qualified to do a prescription for people for hearing aids. After completing their education, additional coursework has to be completed regarding the maintenance of these devices. As with all medical practitioners, audiologists and audiometrists have to attend yearly conferences to stay up to date with their industry. At these conferences, they receive points that go towards their provider number. If they run out of relevant point, they lose their provider number.

Some clinics, like ours, provide unlimited maintenance when purchasing hearing aids from them. This means that you can walk-in and get your hearing aids serviced on the spot. If after diagnosis your aid needs a repair outside of our capabilities, we can send it to the relevant manufacturer. If this occurs within the warranty period of three years, this won’t cost you. Your aids will be cleaned and issues will be resolved. You receive free batteries and filler replacements. On a yearly basis, you have access to our audiologist for any adjustments and a hearing test to monitor your hearing loss.

Being an ‘Independent Clinic’ in the hearing industry in today business climate is unique and a bonus to our customers.  We consider YOU first and the brand choice second. Aftercare is what makes us different. Buying hearing aids online do not come with this level of service. In most cases, you’ll get one year of maintenance and servicing. Recently, retailers began selling online, and they only offer aids without any servicing or aftercare. If you compare with the above and look at your needs and dependency on your hearing aid, which way do you want to go?

Coming back to our comparison with the iPhone. After purchasing your phone walk back into the shop you bought it from. Ask them to adjust your phone to your needs by a technician. What do you think the answer will be? Think about two years into your purchase, and you need a new battery or screen replaced. Do you think they’ll replace your screen or battery?

Hearing aids and iPhone are two totally different high tech devices and should not be compared. They do, however, working together to make your life very easy to manage.

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