Hearing Awareness Week

Hearing Awareness Week Early This Year

Hearing Awareness week is always one of our favourite times of year here at ‘Falls of Sound Hearing Solutions’. For us, it is almost like having a second Christmas Season dropped into the middle of the year. For those not familiar with the event it is an entire week dedicated to the issues surrounding hearing loss. As a group of people who have dedicated their lives to helping others deal with hearing issues, you can imagine how exciting this is for us.

Traditionally, this national event has been celebrated each year the last full week of August. This year is going to be a little different though. The powers that be, for whatever reason have decided to hold it a little early this year. Instead of the end of August, it will be celebrated 25 February through 3 March 2018. The timing may be a little different but one thing will remain the same. ‘Falls of Sound‘ will still be holding its annual day of presentations and seminars.

We still haven’t set the exact date or decided on what our itinerary will be. One thing you can rest assured about, though. It will be a day that you won’t want to miss. If we stay with normal format, it will be a day of fun, food and valuable information.

While Australia, as a whole, focuses its resources on raising hearing awareness, we take the opportunity to not only educate but to give back. Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast have been very kind to us through the years. And, this event is one of our ways of saying thank you.

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