Hearing awareness

Hearing awareness 2022

The first week of March marks hearing awareness week. This week highlights the hearing impairment issues, so many Australians face every day. It aims to help improve the daily lives of those impacted by hearing loss and raise awareness for everyone. The hearing awareness week is highlighted by World Hearing Day on the 3rd of March each year. To raise awareness on preventing deafness and hearing loss and promoting ear health knowledge. 

Why hearing awareness?

So, what sort of awareness can we raise this week for hearing loss? Hearing loss in Australia is more common than heart disease, cancer and diabetes. It’s estimated over 20% of the Australian population live with a hearing loss from mild to severe. And hearing loss doesn’t just come from “getting old”. Young people are also at risk of hearing loss, primarily noise-induced from loud sounds. Listening to music loudly and going to concerts or festivals with no sound protection can contribute to early hearing loss. 

The hear for life, listen with care.

In light of this, this year’s theme for World Hearing Day is “To hear for life, listen with care”. The focus is primarily on preventable hearing loss, avoiding it, and tips on listening to sounds safely. The main key message is that it can be possible to have good hearing throughout one’s life. Through good ear care and safe listening, one can avoid certain types of hearing loss altogether. Of course, not all hearing loss is caused by noise exposure, which surely won’t help!

Ways to help your hearing

There are several ways of practising safe listening habits. When listening to music, whether through earphones or open listening, make sure to keep the volume not too loud. If listening on the phone, some will change the volume bar colour to indicate the sound is above safe levels. When going to a concert, music festival or nightclub, wear earplugs to reduce the noise impact. Construction work or industrial environments can also have significant noise exposure. Even playing in a musical orchestra can affect your hearing. Hearing clearly is more important than volume!

Standard earplugs can offer some protection, but custom earplugs are worth a look if this is a regular occurrence. These will take the shape of your ear perfectly and block out noise significantly better. Musician plugs even allow for sounds to sift through at a lesser volume to continue playing safely. All custom hearing plugs can be ordered at Falls of Sound, so don’t hesitate to book in. 

Final note.

So take this week to spread awareness and look after your hearing health! Remember, some hearing losses can be prevented or treated; protection and early detection are key. There is no better time than Hearing Awareness Week to start looking after your ears. So call to book a hearing check, look at custom earmolds, and bring your friends to see us! 

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