Brain Function

Do Hearing Aids Improve Brain Function?

Brain power is a finite resource. That isn’t to say that you are going to run out of it. It does mean though that you only have so much to use at any one time. Try to focus on two things at once and you’ll find it is nearly impossible. Concentrating with any degree of effort can become very taxing over time. That is the ideas behind how wearing hearing aids can actually improve your brain function.

If you are having trouble hearing what is being said or what is happening around you the majority of your cognitive power must be diverted to understanding. This not only reduces your ability to comprehend it can be mentally taxing.

By wearing hearing aids you reduce the workload that your brain has to carry. You free up your mental resources to work on other things and improve your overall cognitive performance.

Maybe you aren’t developing memory problems. It could be that you have to focus so much to hear that your mind can’t take time to process and store information. Maybe you haven’t lost your ability to focus. It is entirely possible that you are just suffering from mental fatigue.

A recent study found that for people suffering mild to moderate hearing loss, memory, selective attention, and processing speed abilities could be greatly improved with hearing aids.

Hearing loss can impact your life in many negative ways. Most of these can be alleviated simply by having your hearing tested and being fitted with proper assistive hearing devices.

Your comfort in social situations, job performance, overall quality of life and yes, brain function can all be improved with hearing aids. That is a lot to be gained from wearing such a small device.

For more information on how hearing aids can improve your life, contact ‘Falls of Sound Hearing Solutions’ today. Their certified audiologists are always happy to answer your questions and show you how easy it can be to have the best hearing of your life.

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