GN Resound was founded in 1943 and has since consistently placed itself as one of the two largest and most progressive producers of hearing aids in the world. They were the first to produce a made for iPhone hearing aid and are still the industry leader in this area. They are the only brand to offer direct to iPhone connectivity in an in-the-canal hearing aid.

GN Resound LiNX Quattro

LiNX Quattro

More layers of sound: Appreciate the moments wit brilliant sound quality. LiNX can stream from your audio devices and is fully rechargeable.
Available in Levels 4 to 5

GN resound Linx 3D

Linx 3D

Use your hearing aids as wireless headphones and with the Surround sound and spatial sense technology no need to turn your head anymore.
Available in Levels 3 to 5

GN resound Enzo 3D

Enzo 3D

A hearing aid for people for with severe to profound hearing loss, it will help you hear better in noise no matter where the noise is coming from.
Available in Levels 3 to 5

GN REsound Enya


Simple device that will you clear speech and great listening comfort.
Available in Levels 1 to 3

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