Nick Parkyn

Farewell Nick


In life whether it is personal or business there are bittersweet moments. On November 30th the team here at ‘Falls of Sound’ will experience one such event. The audiologist at our Indooroopilly hearing clinic, Nick Parkyn, will be leaving us to move on to greener pastures.

Nick first came to work with us in December of 2015 but his connection to our hearing centre goes back much further than that. In 2005 Nick visited our offices along with his grandfather who was one of our patients. He was so impressed with the care that we showed for his grandfather and the impact that having properly fitted hearing aids had on his loved one’s quality of life that he was inspired to become an audiologist.

The next year Nick began to study for his Master of Audiology Degree graduating in late 2007. It took 8 more years but eventually, Nicks life came full circle and he returned to work where it all began, here at ‘Falls of Sound’ Indooroopilly.

Nick quickly proved his worth to us with his meticulous attention to details and his caring manner. His patients with clients and calm demeanor even under stress made him a welcome addition to our rather close-knit team.

Now though, it has come time to say goodbye. Looking to the future for his young family, Nick has decided to accept a managerial position in a corporate environment. Knowing him as well as we do there is no doubt in any of our minds that he will find nothing but ever greater successes in his new position.

Those of us here at ‘Falls of Sound’ are very happy to have had the opportunity to help Nick grow into the great Audiologist he has become and wish him nothing but the best in the future.

We are sure our clients will miss Nick as much as we will. They shouldn’t worry about the quality of care they will receive as Katia herself will be returning to the Indooroopilly Clinic until we find a suitable replacement. So rest assured, you will be in the best of hands.


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