Exercise and Hearing Technology

Exercise and Your Hearing Technology

One question that many of our clients have when getting hearing aids is how they will hold up to their active lifestyles. If this is a concern for you and we hope that it is, everyone needs to exercise, this article is especially for you.

Other than swimming there is no reason you can’t wear your hearing aids while enjoying your favourite sports activities. Whether you enjoy a day on the court, a jog through the park or hitting the links your hearing aids will be right at home. You just need to take a few precautions.

Sweat It

One big concern many people have is worrying about sweat and dust damaging their hearing aids. Not to worry, today’s hearing aids like the IP68 from Signia are dust and moisture resistant making them rugged and ready to play.

Dress for Success

Another fear many people have is dropping your hearing aids during exercise sessions. That is nothing to worry about; today’s hearing aids fit very securely and are not likely to come loose. If you’re still nervous though, just follow this little bit of advice for a touch of added security.

  • Avoid wear hooded clothing that can rub or knock your hearing aids lose.
  • Caps, helmets and other headgear need to be carefully fitted to avoid impacting your hearing aid.
  • For jarring sports like football or basketball, clips that secure your hearing aid to your clothing should be worn.

After Playing

Always remember to dry and clean your hearing aids after exercising to remove any moisture or residue that might have accumulated. Regular cleanings are good practice whether exercising or not so make it a part of your daily routine.

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