What are you Hearing?

What Are You Hearing?

The chart below is an example of an audiogram. An audiogram is used to plot the results of a hearing test. Hearing is tested at different frequencies – usually from 250hertz (low tone) up to 8000hertz (high tone).

Picture hearing chart

The aim of the hearing assessment is to establish the quietest sound level that is heard at each frequency. Sound is measured in decibels (dB). The results are then noted on the audiogram. This is known as your hearing threshold.

The audiogram chart above, gives an indication of the different every day noises and the sounds that make up speech. They are plotted at the approximate frequency and sound level you would expect to find them.

If you would like us to plot your own personal audiogram on this chart, please mention this page at your appointment. It will give you a good pictorial idea about what to expect from your hearing and why you might be struggling in certain situations.