Top 5 Tips when buying Hearing Aids

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Top 5 tips when buying hearing aids



1. Interview a hearing professional. “The number one thing to remember is that the value you get out of your hearing aid is based on the skills and abilities of the hearing health professional. The professional service is a determining factor  in the successful outcome of the fitting and also the degree of satisfaction from the performance of hearing aids.


2. Match your hearing aids to your specific hearing loss. Your hearing loss is as unique as your fingerprint. Two people with a similar degree of loss will process sound differently depending on the cause of the loss and length of time the problem has gone untreated.


3. Try before you buy. Ask for a demonstration of the hearing aids recommended for you. Even better, trial the hearing aids in your environment, this is the only way to really know if the hearing aids are suitable for you.


4. Know all the options before you purchase. Your hearing professional should work with a range of hearing aid styles and brands, and offer you a needs assessment appointment to determine which products are suitable for your unique lifestyle, hearing loss and budget. Be careful of providers who promote one particular brand only without discussing other options: this may not be the most suitable hearing aid for your needs.


5. Seek the best aftercare to get the best performance from your hearing

aids. No matter how state-of-the-art your hearing aids may be, they will not address your hearing loss if they are not regularly checked and adjusted to your changing needs. An aftercare program is an absolute must!