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Andrew Boisen
00:17 08 Jul 23
Provided first class service for my father in law went over and above our expectationsExcellent customer service
Meg Parer
02:09 31 May 23
i was so lucky to find this Audiology Company.Elode , on reception, was most welcoming and informative.Tresten was super helpful in every way, and as I have other medical issues, he was more than understanding and helpful.I am so pleased to find such a great establishment.read more
Malcolm Mackenzie
07:42 12 Apr 23
Very helpful staff . I enjoyed the time spent setting up my new hearing aids . It was a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with time spent to explain any issues i had .Love the Hearing aidsread more
Lindsay MacDonald
10:56 25 Feb 23
I live in W. Queensland and during a recent Brisbane visit, I had 11 days to try to get new aids made and fitted. I could not speak more highly of the successful efforts of the team at Falls of Sound to achieve such a great result, with additional, wonderful co-operation from the Starkey Rep, Phil. Elodie took me through the process of fitting, overall supervision by Trestan, and Phil on hand with more expert knowledge and advice. At the conclusion of my session I had my aids in and functioning, with my iphone set up ready for my first remote consultation with Trestan in a few weeks time, where he can make any adjustments needed remotely.Even though it was a serious time for me, needing firm personal and financial commitment, the whole Falls of Sound team made it an easy experience, with me feeling supported and guided. The wonderfully cheerful receptionist, Kerry, was so thoughtful in advising me when the aids had arrived there, so I wouldn't worry about timing.It could not have been a more positive experience!read more
Ken Bird
23:28 12 Jan 23
The audiologist Trestan was very thorough in his testing and did everything possible to ensure that I was happy with the sound in my hearing aid. He also addressed all my issues with the fitting. Kerri was extremely helpful in making our visit pleasant and looking after all our needs and making thoughtful suggestions to improve our overall experience. Would recommend strongly.read more
Fiona Harrison
23:56 04 Dec 22
Very happy with the service and professionalism. I was having issues with my Signia hearing aids. Previously I was able to change from one setting to the other. This functionality stopped and I was not able to rectify the problem. Tried all the usual battery changing, reloading the app, trying a different phone ( I use an Android) to no avail. Went to Falls of Sound after finding an article on this issue. Hearing aids as good as new within 20 minutes. Very grateful for the assistance and understanding.read more
David Fielding
21:18 22 Nov 22
Great service today, 22 November 2022, for my hearing aids checkup. Nothing was too much trouble for all three staff, and I left feeling good with a competitive price, for my new rechargeable L 90 Phonak Hearing Aids.read more
Geoffrey Holding
22:53 26 Jun 22
The whole team of Elodie, Kerri and Trestan at Falls of sound have been fantastic to deal with, very understanding, helpful and accommodating and helped me through the hearing aid selection process which was greatly appreciated.read more
Nicolaas Olsthoorn
22:56 20 Jun 22
Well done Kerrie you really did brighten my day . It was nothing short of fantastic. The audiologist was great and I left feeling happy.Keep up the great work I couldn’t have had better serviceread more
Susan O'Brien
11:40 18 May 22
Falls of Sound have been extremely kind and helpful to my parents in their older age going above and beyond in ensuring they have the best hearing aids for their needs. Very grateful for their help.read more
Fiona Holden
23:14 08 May 22
Kerri at Falls of sound was kind, considerate, courteous and extremely tolerant in dealing with my mother, who has become quite difficult in later years. Kerri went over and above to assist me in dealing with an issue and her kindness was greatly appreciated.read more
Steve Rainbow
22:29 21 Apr 22
They have looked after me since about 2007 and although I hadn't been in for a while it was time for new hearing aids. The new hearing Aids and accessories are awesome and have been easy to use and adjust to. The service and payment plans are great . After three visits for testing fitting and fine tuning I am out on my own and the most rewarding is the Bluetooth capabilities of the Aids for my mobile phone direct to ear now.read more
Peter Dunstone
03:45 31 Mar 22
My Daughter had a hearing test with falls of sound early last year.We lost the report, but a quick call to Kerri and to problem was solved.She was able to find it quickly on her system and emailed it straight to us.Couldn't ask for a better business to deal with.read more
Susan Beale
19:19 18 Mar 22
Friendly, Professional.I always feel well cared for at Falls of Sound, from the front desk through to the examination & recommendation by the audiologist.I am made to feel welcome to make any inquiry at any time.read more
Dom Haw
04:25 02 Feb 22
Great service ! Very technically proficient about hearing testing & choosing the correct hearing aids. The staff at ‘Falls of Sound’ have great social skills.Dom & Cherieread more
Maryl-Ann Marshall
21:09 14 Oct 21
Very happy with service and outcome.We achieved appropriate hearing aides that were suitably programmed at a reasonable price.Highly recommended
James Beck
23:14 26 Sep 21
Wow the staff here are so very patient and helpful to get the right outcome for you physically and financially.
Annette Eldershaw
07:13 30 Jun 21
I cannot praise the audiology team at Falls of Sound enough for their recent exemplary service after my husband lost his aids in an accident. New aids were organised within 24 hours, programmed and personally delivered to the hospital despite Covid lockdown. An amazing effort! 5* is not enough of an accolade.read more
Sharon George
21:39 21 Jun 21
Falls of Sound gave me time and listened and I really appreciate it.After a number of trials and visits I now have hearing again and its fantastic. Thanks to Rhys, Kerrie and Elodie for having patience and actually listening.I'd highly recommend Falls of Sound to anyone that wants a quality hearing experience without any pressure or hard sell.read more
Scott M
23:34 31 May 21
This place is great! I had such extremely helpful service here. They offer payment plans to make things affordable and don’t try to over sell you. Very professional, very friendly. Highly recommended.read more
Turkey OBrien
07:55 31 May 21
Extremely helpful, understanding and supportive service. Helped us through every stage of the process of getting hearing aids for my elderly mum. Thank you.
Margaret Cryan
05:00 31 May 21
Absolutely loving the clear sound from my new hearing aids. The sealed units have a long charge life so I'm not ever worrying about being "off the air". Falls of Sound staff are very professional, supportive and friendly.read more
Robyn Brand
03:26 24 Aug 20
Always excellent over many years
Martyn and Cheryl Tilse
21:59 19 Aug 20
I recently had a problem with one of my hearing aids. I wandered in to the Indooroopilly Falls of Sound Office without an appointment. That was no problem and my hearing aid was sent off to the factory for free repairs. I had the aid back with in a week and it was working fine again.But I hadn’t realised because of the repair I needed to connect it up to my iPhone by Bluetooth again. So I again wandered into the Indooroopilly Office and again was treated very professionally and with courtesy. The staff member easily linked my aid to my phone via blue tooth and sent me the information I might need if it ever had to be done again.I have been a Falls of Sound Customer for many years now and am onto my second set of hearing aids. I’ve always been treated well. No problem is ever too big nor too small to deal with and staff are always polite, respectful, understanding and knowledgeable.I am very glad that I went to Falls of Sound all those years ago to talk about my hearing problems.read more
Shell S
02:28 25 Jul 20
Such a good experience! Friendly caring staff that are great with their work. Highly recommend.
Warner Dakin
22:23 14 Apr 20
I have been a client of Falls of Sound for over 15 years. That's 15 years of not driving my wife and friends nuts, of hearing and getting the joke, of being part of the conversation, of enjoying music.It is also 15 years of reliable, professional advice, of timely assistance and friendly, personal service.In that time I have had problems with my hearing aids, and I have sometimes been less than relaxed about my problems, but they have unfailingly been attended to and solved quickly and with understanding.In an industry with it's share of problems, I cannot recommend Katia and her team too highly.read more
Aykut Kalmaz
03:32 28 Nov 19
Best Hearing AIDS in Indooroopilly, super friendly Audiologist answering all my questions and helping me out with hearing tv. I highly recommended by my local friends.Thank you Kerri for your kindnessread more
Roger Hellens
21:29 09 Nov 19
Very professional service
Mark Eaton
06:38 24 Oct 19
Very good audiologist. Excellent service and often it is subsidised by the government if you are a pensioner. Highly recommend
John Messenger
02:31 27 Sep 19
Lovely staff!
David Wilson
01:25 17 Sep 19
As the research scientist and author of Australia's first study of hearing impairment in an adult population, I was both surprised and concerned when I became one of my own statistics with a mixed hearing loss. I was further concerned when two providers of hearing aids assessed my type and level of loss in clinical conditions which I considered less than satisfactory. I finally attended Falls of Sound at Inderoopilly where I was comprehensively assessed by a competent audiologist who was thorough in her clinical history and assessing my level and type of loss under state of the art conditions of a sound booth. Needless to say the prescribed hearing aids which followed this have proved to be very effective. The experience brings home the lesson that a thorough diagnosis of the problem leads to good outcomes. Well done Falls of Sound! ( Dr David Wilson, Adjunct Professor of Medicine).read more
David Klug
02:11 27 Jun 19
Can't go wrong with Nick. Smart and really nice bloke.
Kerri Ninness
00:28 16 May 19
Love this clinic!!
Bill Moeser
05:16 04 Jun 18
Nick Parkyn
14:05 07 Sep 17
David Klug
06:24 25 Aug 17
Can't go wrong with Nick. Smart and realky nice bloke.
Peter De Laet
04:51 12 Nov 13
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Robert Wilson
05:41 21 Dec 22
I had an auditory test this morning, very happy with the time & care taken by Abigail. I suffer from Tinnitus and my visit was largely based around obtaining information re same. Previous visits to an ENT specialist were not helpful at all. Thank You ‘ Falls Of Sound ‘ for the insight today ..read more
Alison Halton
09:29 31 Oct 22
I attended the Caboolture clinic and was very impressed with both the friendliness afforded to me and the comprehensiveness of the actual consultation, including in-depth explanations of same. Highly recommended!read more
Jadon Jones
06:21 15 Sep 22
What an absolutely amazing team, just a great atmosphere and friendly service.After a horrendous morning waking up to find I cannot hear anything from my right ear, I panicked and spent 3 hours waiting at the hospital just to be told that it appears I’ve gotten a wax impaction and they can’t do anything to assist me.In a panic I called around to try and find anywhere ASAP that could assist me as the pressure and pain was unbearable.They worked around their schedule and made time for me even knowing I have never been to them prior.Within 30 mins I was feeling better than I was before and also found I had an infection that was needing treatment.I personally think the price they charge is too cheap for the service they provide. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough ?read more
George Tissizis
03:26 09 Aug 22
I have had a fantastic experience dealing with the team in Maroochydore, friendly, helpful and informative. Kristina is very professional, gave me options for choice of hearing aid and then fitted, tested and adjusted.Connected hearing aid to phone gear attention to detail.I very highly recommend Falls of and and Kristina in particular.Thank you.read more
Sarah Morton
23:58 29 Jul 22
Katia and her team are wonderful. They squeezed my father in on very short notice and greatly improved his quality of life as he had been unable to hear properly for weeks. They all went above and beyond to help him. Katia realised he was overdue an upgrade on his hearing aids and organised it on the spot. The service and standard of care is excellent. Cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you all so so muchread more
edward franciscus
03:45 26 Jul 22
Had my hearing aid programmed and linked to phone Bluetooth by Kristina. She is a very professional specialist in her work, direct, informative and courteous.I highly recommend Kristina and her team .read more
Laura Terry
03:04 20 Jul 20
Many hearing aid providers now work in a closed system where they only service and support devices they have sold. This proved a real problem for my elderly father who had purchased his in his home country.Finding Falls of Sound was a real boon! They were happy to assess him, service his hearing aids, give a range of recommendations and support and all for a very reasonable price.Having worked in the hearing aid industry, I can spot a shonky operator a mile away. These guys are above board, providing high levels of quality service in a pleasant and friendly environment. Highly recommend this independent, local operator.read more
Paul Bonner
08:14 13 Jul 20
The ladies at this office are wonderful. They are very helpful and try very hard to ensure my hearing aids work well
Nathan Staal
02:48 26 May 20
Katia and her team are amazing. So friendly and so helpful. We cannot recommend them more highly.
Wendy Morse
04:37 17 May 20
I am so excited with the difference hearing aids have made to my life. Within myself I feel more balanced. It took a while for me to decide which aids would best suit my lifestyle and the fact I was not pressured into a particular model or price range was important to me and I was able to try the different models at my own pace over quite a few weeks.Thank you for looking after me so well Kristina.I highly recommend Falls of Sound to anyone who wants independent and very professional advice.read more
Brendan Jackson
03:26 08 May 20
Second time visiting for a test. Thanks for a wonderful service and experience. Kristina is lovely.
Tye Alinen
02:04 01 May 20
I have had a phobia of anything touching my ears since I got vertigo for a year after having my ears syringed. My ears got blocked again with wax and I knew it was time to face that fear and get them cleaned. I am so appreciative of the team at Falls of Sound for talkng things slowley for me and resolving a issue that was so daunting. I recommend anyone who has problems with there ears to not go to the doctors but come here, as they know more and care more about your ears then any gp will. Thanks again Falls of Sound for looking after me.read more
scott mcconochie
23:38 20 Feb 20
I noticed as you age the ear wax deposits seem to become more frequent.Taking ear drops and getting the ears flushed out takes time and I found doesn't totally fix the problem.So now I go once a year and they get all the wax out in no time with a suction method.Easy as ABC.I have no hesitation in recommending Falls Of Sound..read more
Tim & Kylie Lewis
10:10 25 Sep 19
From the moment we walked into the clinic we were made feel very welcome. The staff are very friendly, caring and very professional. They assisted my elderly mother with her hearing aids and adjustments made which have improved her hearing impairment greatly. Thankyou so much for improving her quality of life and therefore ours xxread more
Kerri Ninness
00:19 19 Aug 19
Love working with this great team of people. Professional and caring approach to hearing health, is amazing. Thanks Falls of Sound love your work.
s k
04:06 24 Jun 19
helpful website for research
Sophie K
04:06 24 Jun 19
helpful website for research
Merv Arthur
04:32 23 May 19
Very professional and pleasant staff.
Merv Arthur
04:32 23 May 19
Very professional and pleasant staff.
Giddygirl 59
04:57 15 May 19
I needed something removing from my ear at short notice, and the kind ladies at falls of sound squoze me in today, between patients, and sorted me out within minutes! What a wonderful gracious lady she was, helping me out. I so appreciated this kindness and so professional. Many many thanks. A wonderful caring business! Highly recommend them.read more
John Young
01:47 28 Oct 18
Very caring, professional service from Lucy and her team. Best place to go on the Sunshine Coast for any hearing problem, including wax removal. Highly recommended.
Nahathai Somboonitaya
00:11 28 Aug 18
Dr. Lucy Hampton was very helpful and so kind! She tried to explain every possible ways to unclog the earwax and how to take care of your ears. If you have any hearing problem or just a tiny problem like removing earwax then this is a to-go place! Fast and comfortable to put your trust in her hand. Thank you so much Dr. Lucy! :)read more
22:03 19 Jul 18
Friendly staff
Max Reynolds
11:09 04 Jul 18
Friendly and professional hearing services.
Max Reynolds
09:31 29 Jun 18
William McGurgan
20:55 17 Dec 17
sheryn griffiths
09:31 11 May 16
Friendly and informative! If you can't hear me :) come get checked here.
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