Siemens Insio hearing aid

Siemens Biker Insio hearing aids

The Siemens Insio hearing aid is added to the New micon line of custom instruments . Siemens control wireless smallest hearing aid

The new Micon microprocessor chip is capable of executing 250 million instructions per second and has twice the processing power of Siemens’ previous technology platform, expanding Siemens’ hearing technology to 48 channels and extending the frequency range to 12,000 Hz. The result is exceptional sound clarity and listening comfort.

Siemens INsio hearing aid features

  • Optivent™—a customized vent designed to minimize occlusion and feedback while achieving the same acoustical performance as traditionally larger vents. Advanced modeling software enables Siemens to build the optimal shape and size of vent, allowing for even smaller instruments with higher wearing comfort.
  •  faster feedback cancellation,
  •  optimized directionality
  •  noise reduction in 48 channels, and
  •  a tinnitus therapy feature — resulting in a more seamless, natural wearer experience.
  •  The devices are also wireless, even down to the smallest completely-in-the-canal (CIC) instrument. .

Siemens Biker Insio hearing aids