Oticon Nera Hearing aid review

Oticon releases Nera hearing aid:Oticon Nera hearing iad

A mid-range hearing aid built on the Inium signal processing platform.

A hearing solution as individual as you are

Everyone hears differently. The way we each perceive sounds and their subtle nuances is unique to us. That is why you will gain so much more from a hearing instrument specifically adapted to your hearing needs and the way you would like your world to sound.

Enjoy the perfect fit for your ears and your world

At Falls of Sound, we will focus on building up a full picture of your life: the situations you typically find yourself in and the situations in which you feel you could play a more active role.

Once fitted and shaped to your individual hearing needs and sound preferences, Nera will enable you to enjoy all round excellent sound quality and speech understanding with less listening effort.

This unique fitting process is designed to create truly personalised hearing care. It shapes Nera to meet both your hearing needs and the lifestyle you desire, and enables you to interact naturally and comfortably throughout the entire day.

Stay in the loop, everywhere

There’s no feeling quite like being fully involved in the world around you, and Nera — used together with ConnectLine – allows you to participate easily and wirelessly.

ConnectLine streams sound from devices such as your telephone or TV directly to your Nera hearing instruments. Easy to set up and simple to use.


The key is binaural processing. By communicating with each other in real time, two Nera instruments create an extremely natural hearing experience. This results in superb sound quality, speech intelligibility and effort-saving spatial awareness.

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