A Minute in Time Can Have a Lifetime of Meaning

Hearing Assessment

“In this hustle bustle, get it done yesterday world, it is often easy to forget what really matters. I had a patient recently who, though he felt a need to thank me. I would like to send my thanks to, for reminding me how valuable time, well spent, can be.”

“Trying not to embarrass him by using his name, but I’m sure he will recognize who I am talking about and I hope he realizes how grateful I am.
I was seeing a gentleman for a consultation and hearing assessment. We knew each other slightly due to his wife being one of our clients, he had been using one of our competitors. I was first surprised by his comment of being happy to see me. He figured he would see someone different since that was the way things had always been at the other company.
To me, I didn’t really do anything special. I set about conducting his assessment, taking the time to explain what we were doing clearly and adapting to the client’s pace. I had to go slow because he has a severe to profound hearing loss.”

“At the end of the assessment, showing the results of the hearing assessment to the client. Explaining what all the graphs and numbers meant. Then, I showed him the various hearing aid options and solutions we could provide to improve his quality of life.
The client was delighted that I took the time to educate him instead of telling him this is what you need or that is your best option. That he thanked me profusely at the end of our session.
His words, “You are very thorough and I really appreciate your service” were simple, heartfelt and more valuable to me than he could have imagined.
It was nice to have a reminder of the value of investing time in people.”

Loura Oosthuizen.



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