Perhaps you have thought about getting hearing aids but would like to know more about the whole fitting process?  Step by step, we will explain the process. The process is very flexible and can be adjusted to your needs.

Hearing aid Consultation

The initial consultation consists of identifying your hearing needs and an examination of your ears and ear canals  A  hearing assessment  is then carried out. Once the assessment is complete we explain the results and discuss the need for hearing aids, their benefits and various other options available to you. We will advise if any further investigation by your GP or other hearing health professional is required. Invisible in the canal Oticon  

What hearing aids are available?

  As an independent Clinic, Falls of Sound has access to a whole range of hearing aids. Do you prefer a small invisible hearing aid or a tiny designful hearing aid behind your ear? People are often surprised to see that today’s hearing devices look nothing like their predecessors. The “big beige banas” have been replaced by elegant models that look as good any other communication accessory. Wireless technology  

Choose your level of hearing technology

  It doesn’t matter what type of hearing loss you have. Is it mild, severe, profound; all levels of technology are suitable for you. Would you like to compare different features available to you. No problem, at Falls of Sound we can explain all features and their benefits and you can enjoy them in the comfort of your own house.  

What about ease of use?

  Where usability is concerned, do you want to be able to control the volume and settings of the devices yourself, or would you prefer automatic, “hands-free” operation? Don’t want to fiddleCharger-Pure-Siemens with tiny batteries, Rechargeable hearing aids are available.  Simply place your hearing instruments deice in the charger overnight, and within six hours they will be powered up, ready for your busy day ahead. In addition, the charger’s Electronic Drying Function protects your hearing instruments from moisture damage ensuring longterm reliability.

Trial the hearing aid in the comfort of your own home

Enjoy your new hearing devices in all situations you need them. An appointment is made for 2 weeks later and then you can trial different hearing aids or different technology if needed.
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